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Any Lper doing internet marketing/seo stuff?
  whammbot, Sep 27 2022

I'd like to know if any of you guys are in the industry. I'm just beginning in my journey (4 months) as a side gig and so far I'm loving it and would like to talk shop sometimes with more experienced people in the field, esp if they're former sc/poker dudes from here. Thanks.

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Oi my new movie blog lol
  whammbot, May 09 2022

So this is my 4th(?) attempt at it and is probably my best attempt at running a blog.
I've done all the research that goes with hosting/domains/wordpress/ga4 + gsc/SEO and a ton of tiny details in doing it right.
Shrimping is great but I do not love doing it. I still work there but I've decided to take a backseat for now. I'm old as fuck so I'd rather do something I love and spend more time doing this tbh. I've done everything from the ground up so it's not perfect but it'll have my favorite movies and shows so please check it out.

Gomorrah has ended after 5 seasons. Fantastic show. Highly recommend it!!!

site link

site polls about the show

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  whammbot, Nov 14 2020

my kid cut clips and came up with this 1min video

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