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CSGO degen betting and ev

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  whammbot, Nov 14 2020

my kid cut clips and came up with this 1min video

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Anonymous (2011)
  whammbot, Aug 11 2018

Anonymous (2011) - I give an in-depth review, complete with character breakdowns, and plot spoilers (for those unconvinced about watching period dramas like myself) 8/10 this is some good shit bros. - link-trailer-review-spoiler-info

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Kon Tiki (2012)
  whammbot, Jul 29 2018 - Trailer-Info-Cast

I watched this last night before going to bed and was quite entertained. Nothing really amazing about the movie apart from it being based on real events about some crazy Nord trying to prove that Latin Americans were the ones who populate Polynesia 1,500 years ago by sailing on balsa rafts 5000 miles through treacherous, shark-filled oceans. EVERYBODY LOVES SHARKS AND ITS NOT A DEPRESSING MOVIE SO JUST GO AND WATCH IT.

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